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Humans, Nature, and Evolution

Discover and investigate the story of Homo sapiens – not only what processes have formed our bodies, minds, and societies, but how and where we, as humans, might go from here.

Religion, Politics, and Conflict

Examine one of the greatest crises of our world today: religion-related violent conflict, paying particular attention to the diverse roles played by religious actors, traditions, and institutions.

Via Asia

Explore how our world has been shaped by the movement of ideas, peoples, and objects through the geophysical and biological space of Asia, both in the past and in the present.


Food, Society, and Sustainability

Investigate the role of food as a vital component of global humanity and an artifact of cultural, natural, and political systems.

Space, Knowledge, and Power

Consider the real and theoretical implications of spatial dimension on the human experience

Visions of the Good

Tackle the philosophical and practical considerations of determining what is “good” in our contemporary world.

english class

Creative Processes and Practices

Explore creativity and artistic practice through ensemble collaboration


Research the profound scientific and social impacts of epidemic outbreaks

Human Impact on the Environment

Trace the impact and effects of humanity on the environment

Mobility and Community

Discover links between social and economic systems that have profound effects

Visions of the Good

Tackle the considerations of determining what is “good” in our contemporary world