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Forum Requirements

All students in the College of Arts & Sciences complete a general education curriculum as part of the University’s degree requirements.

Beginning Fall 2016, students may enroll in the College Forums curriculum to fulfill the General Education Requirements for the College. Each forum is unique and requires particular courses based on the prevailing problem/topic/issue the Forum seeks to address. All undergraduate students selected to participate in a College Forum are required to complete the corresponding Forum requirements by earning the proper number of credits (30-34) from the categories and courses listed on the individual Forum webpage (archive). In addition, Forum students must complete the First Writing Requirement, Second Writing Requirement, and Foreign Language Requirement (see below).

Forum Requirements msut be completed by the end of the foruth semester (except for the language requirement, which must be completed before graduation). External credit earned before your first semester at UVA may fulfill some Forum Requirements. X000T credit will not fulfill general education requirements.

All courses must be taken for credit and for a grade. Classes that qualify for Forum requirements:

  • Cannot be taken for Audit (au)
  • Cannot be taken for Credit/No Credit (CR/NC)
  • Must be listed on the Forum website (or by approval of the Forum advisor

First Writing Requirement

Beginning in 2017, College Forum students may meet the first writing requirement by successfully completing one of the FWR-eligible ENWR courses. For detailed information on placement, go to the English Department's web site.
If you have questions regarding first writing requirement placement, please email the writing program administrators.

Second Writing Requirement

College Forum students must also complete one course with a grade of C- or better that meets the following guidelines:

  • Assign at least two writing assignments in English totaling 4,000 words (20 pages) or more independent of quizzes and final examinations;
  • Have a student faculty ratio no greater than 30/1.

Many of the courses that count for the second writing requirement have been identified and can be searched for in SIS. However, if the class used to fill this requirements is not coded as such in SIS, you must complete a Second Writing Requirement Completion Form and have it certified by the College Registrar.

Restrictions and Clarification

Any course meeting the above standards can satisfy the Second Writing Requirement except for poetry and ficiton writing classes.

The Second Writing Requirement must be taken at the University and within the College of Arts & Sciences. A course in another school at UVA (e.g., Engineering), advanced placement credit, advanced standing, dual enrollment credit or credit transfered from another university will not satisfy this requirement.

Althought it is not advised, you may take a course that meets the Second Writing Requirement before or during the semester that you complete the First Writing Requirement. However, completing the Second Writing Requirement neither exempts you from nor fulfills the First Writing Requirement.

A course that satisfies the Second Writing Requirement may simultaneously count toward your major or minor program. This course, if listed as a Forum requirement, may count towards fulfilling the Forum requirement. 

World Language Requirement

Students in the College Forum Curriculum must fulfill the traditional World Languages requirements by demonstrating proficiency in a World Language offered at UVA at the intermediate level. This includes enrolling in and completing (or placing out of) a World Language sequence through the 2020 level.

Students may choose from the following list of World Languages to fulfill this requirement:

American Sign Lan.





















Placement and Exemptions

For languages taught at U.Va

The types of examinations for foreign language placement include:

  • SAT II Subject Test
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Exam
  • Higher-level International Baccalaureate Exam
  • College Summer Orientation Foreign Language Placement Test

Check the Foreign Language Placement Examinations page for details on these tests or the Foreign Language Requirement FAQ for more specific inquiries and contact information. Click here for placement guidelines.

Completion of the Requirement

Students can meet the Foreign Language Requirement by successfully completing one of the following courses of action:

  • Earn exemption if you place beyond the 2020 level by examination
  • Take 14 credits or four semesters of a language in the proper sequence
  • After placement, complete the remaining courses in the sequence up to the fourth semester (usually 2020)

Consult the Foreign Language Placement Index to determine your exact placement.

Taking introductory language courses which duplicate credits earned from AP or IB tests neither give you credit nor count for the Foreign Language Requirement.

Some or all of the requisite 14 credits can be earned by transfer students from coursework completed at a previously attended college or university if credits are earned prior to matriculation to the College. Dual enrollment courses, however, do not fulfill the requirement.

Furthermore, the College provides Foreign Language Disability Accommodation when needed to satisfy this requirement.

Need Help?

Students with questions about testing, placement, etc., should contact the Foreign Language Coordinator.

The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record represent the official repository for academic program requirements. These publications may be found here.