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Student Testimonials - The Forums Curriculum

Samantha Krasker, Visions of the Good       

The Forums provide first- and second-year students with the unique opportunity to learn skills for academic research. Close advisors, small class sizes, and focused studies allow for a deeper understanding and discussion of the questions that challenge modern society.

Cindy Gnawa, Mobility & Community         

Being in the Forums has been a great experience. The classroom setting and the long-term goals of the class are catered to meet your needs and aspirations for a prosperous future in the University. This program has given me an opportunity to have an in-depth experience in Valencia, Spain and has enriched my perspective as a world citizen.  I recommend it to everyone that has a passion for overarching topics that are covered in the curriculum. This initiative is amazing.

Luc Thomas, Mobility & Community

The Forums gave me the opportunity to fit the goals I had coming into UVA, like going abroad, with the classes I had to take. It has become a community that I have learned from and has given me the opportunity to expand the interests I have and promote my personal growth here.

Johnny Drahos, Human Impact on the Environment           

My forum experience has completely changed the way I think.  Being able to take classes from so many departments that all connect to one theme has given me such a deep understanding of my forum topic.  It’s challenged me to think holistically rather than through a compartmentalized lense, and this has not only helped me in the classroom but in all facets of my life.  My confidence and ability to influence the world around me has skyrocketed as a result.

Victoria Alvarez, Creative Processes & Practices     

Through all the intimate, meaningful discussions we've had in the past two years, I've learned what it means to accept my role as a creative person in this world. The Creative Processes and Practices Forum has given me a supportive space to share my creative passions and embrace my identity as a growing artist.

Sonja Kapadia, Food, Society and Sustainability      

I believe that the Forum's curriculum is an incredible platform that engineers education in a way that provides freedom but also a thematic focus.

Maya Stephens, Visions of the Good 2021  

Philosophy: The Forums Curriculum emphasizes the role of discussion in one's education and has inspired me to inquire other students and professors about varieties of subjects, broadening my knowledge and creating lasting connections.

Hannah Koizumi, Space, Knowledge, and Power     

I chose to participate in a forum because I am interested in government and history. The Forum provides a way for me to focus on my interests through my general education requirements. The ‘Space, Knowledge, and Power’ forum looks critically at the built environment and the power relationships that have shaped history and the present world. All of my general education requirements build off of each other thematically, and I have been able to get to know the professors and students in my forum very well.